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Gas or Electric Cars.
  • 2 Passenger golf cart
  • 4 Passenger
  • 6 Passenger   + Specialty
  • Standard Utility
  • Heavy Duty Utility
  • Heavy Duty Long-bed
  • Wheelchair Accessible
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Whether your event is a 200+ player golf outing, for your construction
site or a special party: We have the rental fleet to fit your need.  Over
250 golf cars - 75 four passenger - 50 six passenger, and 150 utility
cars are available.  We also offer wheel chair accessible cars in both
gas and electric. Give us a call today at
248-779-4096 and we will
supply a quote for your event!
People Movers
We have 2, 4, and 6 passenger
Golf Carts
Utility Carts have a wide variety of
functions.:  They are used inside production
facilities and warehouses for daily chores.  
Heavy duty vehicles are most valuable in
applications such as construction sites.  A
large number of fairs and festivals find it
difficult  to imagine what they would do
without them.
Specialty vehicles come in a
wide variety with many
applications.  Pictured to the left
is a beverage cart.  
Michigan Tournament Fleet
Call Us with your Special
Requirements at
Michigan Tournament Fleet, Inc.
1947 Haggerty Rd.
wheelchair Accessible golf car
Animated golfer
Wheelchair accessible golf car for your
event. Electric or Gas.
4 Pass. Rental Fleet - Headlights
Golf Tournaments, Special Corporate
Events, Parades, Fairs, Races, VIP
Events, Football games, Fund-raisers
and more...
2 Pass Rental Fleet - Rent a Golf Car Today
We Serve Your Rental Needs
A current vehicle lease
agreement and additional
insured status on your
insurance policy is required
prior to rental.
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Beverage Golf Car XRT 1550 body Green
Carryall 700 Flat Bed Rental
Carryall  700 Flat Bed Rentals
Standard Utiity gas golf car.
40X30X9" bed. 300lb
Standard utility gas
6 passenger rental
6 Passenger
people mover!