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Battery Basics  
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The Heart of the Electric Golf Car
The battery pack is the heart of the electric golf car. It is surprising how little
attention is paid to the replacement and maintenance of the batteries.  In today’s
market, it is no surprise that many people use cost as a primary deciding factor
when buying batteries.  However cheaper does not equal better.  A quality made
battery will have a life span up to 4 times longer than a typical “inexpensive”
battery.  In the end, a cheaper battery will cost more.
Evaluate Battery Quality by Weight
battery is directly proportionate to the run time and life span of the battery.  To
assess the quality of a battery, start with the overall weight   A good quality 12 volt
golf car battery will weigh at least 82 pounds.  Many of the less expensive batteries
weigh closer to 60 pounds (multiply by 4 batteries equals an 88 pound difference
for the whole set). To shed weight for a person is a good thing; for a golf car,
battery weight loss is not so good. To skimp that much lead relates to a much It is
necessary to evaluate the battery you are buying.  The lead content of the shorter
battery run time and life span.  Many other factors separate quality batteries from
the pack; without cutting them open, it is much more difficult to assess the points.  
The weight gives you a good idea if it is a quality battery or not.
Battery Compatibility with Your Golf Car.
Many golf cars have a computer that operates the charger.  The computer
regulates how batteries charge and what their charging algorithm is set to.  Not all
batteries charge at the same algorithm, so it is important to verify what batteries
are compatible with your car.  Incorrect charge cycles shorten the lifespan of the
battery pack
Maintaining the Life of Your Battery Pack
Poor maintenance shortens the life span of a battery pack. Most golf cars contain
“flooded” batteries, filled with a liquid called electrolyte (acid).  This type of battery
requires maintenance. Batteries consume this liquid as they are charged and
discharged. This liquid changes into gas, venting out through the caps.  Batteries
must have this liquid replenished with distilled water only.  The more use and
charging, the more often the water level needs adjusting.  
Battery Safety
Keep in mind when you are handling battery caps that they do have acid on them
and will eat away anything they drip on or touch.  There are products you can buy
to eliminate the need for handling the battery caps, and to make battery
maintenance easier.  Battery maintenance is hazardous, wear safety glasses and
gloves. Batteries give off gas while charging and discharging.  This gas is
explosive, have plenty of ventilation while charging.
  • Quality batteries will last longer and cost you less over the life of the battery
  • Make sure you use batteries that are compatible with your golf car.
  • Poor battery maintenance equates to short battery life span and
  • Battery maintenance is hazardous. Wear safety glasses & gloves, and
    charge in a ventilated area.
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